Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just went downstairs purely to open a bag of Cheetos. I did not eat any, I just left it wide open. Tomorrow, all of the Cheetos on top will be stale and lose their crunch. And then I will swoop in and eat them in their most delicious state.

Also, I am the only person I know that finds stale Cheetos undeniably delicious.
Om nom nom.

I have a lot of mail to post. Well, not really, but two letters in one day is about a 200% increase in my LPD rate (that's Letters Per Day). Except they aren't letters, but instead applications. But whatever! At least I'm committed to applying myself to something. Which, I believe, is the problem with modern-day America; not enough people are applying themselves to things. Perhaps if we all just put a little more effort and thought into things, we wouldn't be in debt as a country.

This coming from a girl with little work ethic.
(But at least I don't spend what I don't have.)

Oh Gosh, I just realized that I'm still uncertain about how to work the mailbox. Why is it so complicated? I know where the incoming mail goes, but where does the outgoing mail go? I miss the days when mailboxes were just that: Boxes that you put your mail into. Now I gotta know two codes and have a copy of a key just to peek inside. What are we being sent that's so important, anyways? Argh, and those damn kids won't get off my lawn. Why is she screaming like that? I often think she's being murdered, with how often that girl screams. Somebody should make her go quiet. Then maybe when I take the cats outside they won't be so freaked out by the sounds of shreiking children.

Dogs keep peeing on my rock!

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