Friday, October 3, 2008


He hee hee! Oh man.
"You can spike me in your end zone anytime. Touchdown!"
If only I was a dangler. I'd use that one.

So after taking that nice shot of the Rock With a Hole In It For The Fish To Swim Through with the layer of silky green blanketing it, I've been thinking a lot about broken stone arches. So I decided I wanted to draw a broken stone arch. It came out not so broken, and more complete looking. So I decided I'd remove a stone, and the entire arch fell apart. Because I remembered how stone arches are constructed.

That is so say, in Art History we learned about the architectural advancement that is the Arch. Not only can they bear a lot of weight and distribute it phenomenally well, the design was a feat of engineering. Each stone is carefully shaped according to how the other stones are shaped, and pieced together one by one on top of a wooden arch. The stones are completely unable to support themselves until the middle stone, the keystone, is placed. Friction and gravity is all that holds them together, really. And if one stone is removed, the entire thing collapses.

So that stupid plastic thing in my aquarium isn't possible, I've decided. The entire rounded part should be gone.

We performed our Star Wars play today. Our Anakin was quite sick, and we were worried that he'd puke on stage. But he held up well. We all messed up our lines at least once, but we all also saved ourselves form utter embarrassment by catching ourselves messing up. It was hilarious when Anakin was supposed to turn on his lightsaber and hold it to Palpatine's neck, because he managed to hold it backwards and open it into his crotch. It was also interesting when ObiWan jumped onto the highground, and it nearly tipped him over.

I got myself a Tamagotchi. One of the new ones, so you raise three at the same time. I was hoping I'd be able to play with my friend who also has one, but we could not get them to connect. I've got the instructions now, and I think I see what we did wrong. We'll try again on Monday. I really hope we can make them connect, because I'm raising two girls and one boy, and she's got two boys and one girl, and we want them all to marry and have babies.

Lots and lots of babies.

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