Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh my god, I sat down 30 minutes ago to make a post, and instead started watching some Japanese girl's vlog. She doesn't say much, either. "Hi guys! I'm in Japan. You guys make me really happy. Today was so fun! I am going to Tokyo tomorrow at 12:20. Bye!" Or something like that.

But hey, she's a cutie. And her eyes are HUGE OH MY GOD.

So I spent my weekend at the haunted barn. I had so much fun scaring people. My makeup was creepy awesome. I actually made kids cry just by looking at them. Instead of leaning against the car, I decided to pretend to be dead by partially lying across the car. I got a lot of people sticking their faces up close to mine to see if I was dead. Then I'd scream at them, of course. Amber's zombie makeup was super creepy the first night (she got people to scream just by looking at them) but the second night she looked like an evil clown. I kept saying to her, "Why so serious?" because she really looked like the Joker. A lot of my part was screaming at people, and I seriously wrecked my voice. It's still not back to normal. I hope I'll be fine by the end of tomorrow... I'll be so depressed if it gets stuck this way.

I sound like I smoke a lot, or something.

After the haunted barn, Amber and I went in full bloody costume and makeup to Shari's. We ordered pie, freaked the waiters, and scared a couple old ladies. When I went to wash my face off later, I ended up getting fake blood everywhere. It's all out of the shower now, but I somehow managed to get it all over the bathroom floor. Eh, I'll wash the blood away before the police arrive, no worries.

I'm achy from being a zombie. And tired, too. I think I'll sleep now.

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