Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Basement

So my dad just handed me this little baggy of stuff, and told me that Giese will buy it for $50 on Friday. The little baggy obviously contains paintball marker parts, but it's still an odd situation. So the next time I see Giese, I'm gonna sidle up right next to him, and say in a low voice "You got the money? 'Cuz I got the goods." I'll keep my hands in my pockets and keep my head hung low. And maybe even pull a hand out every so often to grab and wipe at my nose real fast.

The funny part is that if he doesn't have the cash, he gets the little rubber bits for free. Also, my dad sees Giese more often than I do. So why'd he hand it to me?

Bleaargh, I hate being sick. I stayed home today, with the justification that I still feel like absolute crap. It's really not that bad of a cold, I'd have been able to concentrate in school today no problem. But it seems I'm really contagious, as my mother is now sick as well. I wonder if she might be a hypochondriac, with how often she gets sick. Always the same cold, and it'll last for a week or two.

But then again, she is allergic to trees and cats. Both of which we have a lot of.

Man, I am feeling so impatient. I wish November would just hurry up and come, already. I could really use a birthday right about now.

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