Thursday, October 16, 2008


Wow, no posts this week? What have I been up to that I'm so busy I can't make a post?

Absolutely nothing. I'm just a lazy bugger.

So tomorrow is the first day at the Haunted Barn. I'm excited, and it seems mum and dad might drop by tomorrow. They say that dad's planing a date for them, but mum doesn't know it yet. (Mum's the one that told me they're going out.) So, of course, take your girl someplace scary, and get them to cling to you. It's funny, my mother loves scary movies and Halloween and all that fun stuff, but she has a lot of trouble with haunted houses. Go figure.

It's been a week since I sent in my application for my choice college. So within this next week, I'll get a reply stating whether or not I've been accepted. I'm so nervous... But at least I've got a definite plan down if I don't get accepted into any colleges this year. But I have no idea what'll happen if I actually get accepted. Interesting how I work like that; I'm so prepared for failure, but I have no clue about success.

We got progress reports in school today. My grades are as follows:

Photography - S
World History - S
Dramatic Lit - A
Senior Soc. - S
Japanese V - A-

Why can't we just have normal letters? S stands for Satisfactory. It could mean anything from a D to an A. Generally, teachers give you an S when they don't actually finish their grades, or can't remember who you are. They give you an O (for Outstanding) when you have an A or the teacher sees you as a pet, and a U (Unsatisfactory) for when you're failing or the teacher hates you on a personal level.

I believe I got an S in History and Senior Soc. because the teachers are lazy. An S in Photography because he doesn't know who I am at all.

(At least I've got an A in English. I really need that.)

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