Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, why do I get so sick when there isn't any school to miss? I'll never forget being stuck in bed all last spring break. And now, one of those achy feverish colds that will most likely be gone by tomorrow morning. I missed the SAT's and everything. Le sigh.

These Tamagotchi things must be really big in Japan. Did you know they've got a Wii and a DS game? And both have come over to America, too. Every time I see a Tamagotchi something or another, I feel like there's more to the story that I'm just not seeing. Like when you look at the cover of a book, you just know there's something more to it than the blurb is letting on. But when I go check it out, I find everything really is as 2D as it's letting on. There's no story or conflict or meaning, it's just cute. I want something more.

I also really want to play Animal Crossing right now.

Oh, I just realized that this will be my last weekend at home for a long while. I've got the haunted barn every week, now. And then my first weekend after that, Griffin is supposed to come over. While I do enjoy getting out and doing things, my time spent at home is unbeleivably precious to me. Mostly because I know that there will come a day when my home time will be very limited.
Oh, week of Novermber 15th, I await your arrival, as well as your extra hours for sleeping.

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