Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So everybody is having a terrible week! It's crazy. Either my friends are freaking right the fuck out, or they're celebrating so hard they accidentally woke the dead with their loud music.

So they through a party today for me in Japanese! Kind of. Not really. They all just clapped for a long time. Because I told them I'm going to college! Hooray. I knew Sensei would be excited.
(I'm going to college.)

So to put things in order:
  • Louis needs a hug because his parents are getting a divorce. Poor kid has such monotonous emotions (like a robot) that I can't tell if it's really affecting him.
  • Jessie needs a cake because her boyfriend realized he loved her! After deciding one day that he didn't love her anymore, and then stringing her along for another month because he didn't want to let go, they're finally back to a civil relationship.
  • RaeLynn needs a shoulder because her relationship with her boyfriend is putting serious strains on her relationship with her family. I can't tell exactly what the problem is (other than yet another overprotective mother), but I know RaeLynn can't even face her father anymore.
  • Audrey deserves a high-five because she took some awesome pictures today! I dunno, I'm straining for another happy person to balance out the not-so-great-feeling people.
  • Mr. Allan needs a cure for cancer because he has it.
I'll be the first to admit that the last two are a bit superfluous, but I really wanted to put down the Mr. Allan thing. It sounded silly in my head.

I think everyone's problems could be fixed (and everyone could celebrate) by having a drink. Myself included.

So my plans to have Griffin over are canceled and it's a serious bummer. (That is putting lightly.) But I'm moving on! Putting it behind me. Until Sunday. That is when Griffin's mother is planning to call my house again, in an attempt to talk to my parents. Why she wishes to talk to them I'll never know, but I do know she won't be able to contact them on that day. A quick chat with my parents over the phone revealed that while they will be back on Sunday, they meant Sunday night/Monday morning, anytime between midnight and 3am. So I hope Griffin's mother and I will have a nice chat, and maybe she can answer some questions I have. (Mostly just clear up confusion about the situation we're in. My main question: Why is there a situation happening, again? I never really got that part.)

... I hope the two of us don't get into some sort of tense fight over the phone. I actually have a few things I'd like to apologize for, but I don't think they're the things she wants me to be sorry about. And if I get angry, we won't get anywhere, since when I get mad I either A) break things or 2) get very condescending and unreasonable. I actually don't get angry very often, so there might even be a third option. And I don't really want to know what it is.

Though, there's really only one thing that's guaranteed to set me off in a fiery blaze, and that's treating me like a child. I hope that won't be an issue.

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