Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Why do I keep staying up so laaaate... This is really unhealthy for me. It's 11:15, but I'm pretty much in the mindset that it's much too early to be going to sleep. Also, there are some really noisy girls out in the hallway for some reason, so it's not like I could sleep if I wanted to.

Hey, I'm really hungry right now. Imagine that.

I can't wait until all of these classes are over for a bit and I can go home. I want to be someplace where the food is replenished at a reasonable rate, the beds are warm and soft, and the bathrooms are private. And I also don't want to stress about schoolwork anymore. It will be really nice to fly home in a couple weeks after this semester has ended.

... Ugh, I think I'm feeling homesick because I was just at home last week. Not even a week ago, just a few days ago. These last few days have been really long. I should really go out and get some sleep. Er, not out, off. I should go off to bed. Yeah. Sleep. Also: Food.

Ughh what is it about night that makes people yell so loud.

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