Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So my neighbor just picked up her phone and went "Hello?" and I answered back, because I seriously thought she was talking to me through the wall.

Today was a lazy day. And tomorrow will be another lazy day, because it will be Thursday. I love lazy days. But, actually, I should probably do some homework tomorrow, because I did not do any at all today. It was really nice to spend a day in my room, though, playing video games and vegging out. These past couple days I've had so little time to myself that when I leave for my first class in the morning, I make sure to take my extra-heavy coat in case I end up walking in the snow at three am, and I don't have time to come back and get it. And it's not like I'm doing college specific things, either. Yesterday I went and played black light mini golf, and the day before that I played Guitar Hero. These are things kids of all ages are doing, everywhere, all the time. Except for the black light mini golf part, that is kind of unique to this area, but the thought still stands.

So I can't believe that all of my twenty-something seamonkeys have died, except for one. I have named him Jimothy. I wrote a song about him, kind of. It's to the tune of Song of Storms from Zelda. Or maybe it's to the tune of that one song from Willie Wonka. They're both so similar. Anyways, I'm worried that little Jimothy will die soon because it is getting so cold here, and for some reason we keep our room very cold. (Holy shit it is -3˚ right now outside that is ungodly.) So I was thinking I should start keeping him on top of my laptop during the night, so that he'll have something underneath him generating a bit of heat. Seamonkeys like it a bit warm. I already did my part and moved him away from the window where it gets so unbearably cold even the radiator can't help to cut it, but I don't think it was enough.

Hah... Poor little Jimothy.

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