Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was going to draw an entire comic, but then I drew myself like that and I thought it looked too good. And the person I drew next to myself was ambiguous, cartoony, and just not up to par, so I dropped it and kept just this. I also lost my drive to draw myself again with such detail. So yeah. That's how I look in the winter. I am not very happy about the winter. Or the minus twelve weather that is happening. Or the way my hair doesn't agree with my hat and coat combo (which I didn't draw, because it simply looks too odd).

In case you are wondering, she is not looking at the person next to her. She is deliberately not looking at them. She is that annoyed by the thing they said.

So I had this homework assignment, but I also really wanted to play this video game. The natural flow of things dictates that I must not play that game until my homework is done. So I get started on my homework when BAM I have an idea for a comic. And I realize that I am simply not allowed to do my homework until this comic is done. But because I cheaped out on drawing the comic, I have to write this Ubiquity entry before I can do my homework. And I should also probably eat dinner before I do my homework. And maybe I shouldn't do my homework at all tonight...

This is seriously my last homework assignment this year, you'd think the least I could do is do it, especially since doing it means I won't have to get a 95% on the exam to pass the class. Auuugh, I hate getting poor grades.

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