Monday, December 14, 2009

Shooting Star

Entrepreneurial idea: An online store called "Task At Hand" that specializes in selling things to do while on the toilet. is already taken, unfortunately, but I could still get

It is finals week! I have one final tomorrow, and then one more on Thursday. I took my math final on Friday, and I'm pretty sure I did perfect. I have a lot of confidence for my Japanese final tomorrow, but I'm wavering on my Anthropology final. I guess we'll see what happens.

Friday morning I fly back home, and I am pretty excited. I already have plans to do a movie madness, and plans for a long overdue sleepover. I am going to eat so much food and get such a good night's rest that it will be insane. I'm pretty sure the best part about college is visiting home. I'm also excited to see the cats. I know for a fact that they miss me, because I'm 99% certain that they spend their entire day sitting around wishing I was there to play with them.

Speaking of pets, I am getting really attached to my sea monkey. Back when there were twenty of them I didn't care so much, but now that there's only one left I find myself worrying about him a lot. (I found out that he's a boy sea monkey for sure.) Is his water too cold? Is he getting enough sunlight? Does he have enough food? Is he lonely in there? For Christmas I drew a picture of him on half of an index card, and I'm keeping it on top of his tank. I'm not sure, but I don't think he likes his gift. Maybe it isn't flattering enough? I did draw his head kind of odd. Or maybe it's just that it's not something useful for him? Perhaps I should have splurged and bought him a sea monkey toy, or maybe even some more sea monkey friends? I want only the best for my little Jimothy.

Hopefully he'll survive while I am away during break. I can't ask anybody to take care of him while I'm away because what he needs is a warm room to stay in, and I don't know anybody with an apartment. He'll have enough food and water and stuff, all he needs is heat. Poor Jimothy... I wish him well during the harsh weeks that are soon coming.

Jimothy (At the top-right of the water line) and his Christmas gift.

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