Sunday, December 6, 2009


Only one week of classes left! That's five days of classes! That's twelve classes total! And then it's just one week of exams! And only two days of that week have exams! And I only have three exams! And then I get to fly home! And then it's only one week at home before I go to Maine! Oh my gosh! This is a good season. I can see why people enjoy this season.

It does not feel like Christmas time at all right now. And I think it might be because of the lack of decorations. So I was thinking I'd get Christmas lights for my dorm. I know it's super cliche to have Christmas lights in a dorm, but dammit I want some. If I gotta live in this Hell-Hole, then I might as well enjoy it.

I really can't wait for my classes to be over. I'm pretty sick of these classes. Even math class in high school wasn't as tedious as some of these classes I have to attend. So hopefully next semester things will be better. And next semester I'll have a car, so I can do things like not have to take the bus, and go places whenever I want despite when the buses are running. It'll be kind of a pain to take care of my car in all this snow, especially in these jam-packed parking lots. But I can't beat the convenience of being able to make a food run to WalMart at 1 am.

Amber and I have already started looking for apartments to live in when she comes to MSU in the fall. We found one that we have decided is our dream apartment. I doubt we'll be able to get it
Oh, would you look at that, I just wasted an hour looking at more apartments. I think I find shopping for apartments to be fun. I just... Anyhting would be better to live in than here. I'm not at all picky.

We want one or two bedrooms, and the option to have Amber's cat. And then the basics--A kitchen, a bathroom, a livingroom, and laundry. These things are all pretty easy to find, so I guess the deciding factors will be location and cost. Amber and I have discussed getting one bedroom and then bunkbeds, but I think I might start pushing for two bedrooms. I kinda miss having privacy before and after my showers. Or we could still consider both sleeping in the same room, but put our desks in the second room/make a craft and recreation room/ give her cat a room of its own.

Anyways, it's much too soon to be looking for a place to live, but I'm starting to get a feel for what I should look for. I'm excited to move in to someplace new this fall.

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