Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mother Nature

So while I was taking a shower, my roommate decided to leave and lock the door, effectively locking me out of my room. Our RA was not in her room, so I had to walk all the way down to the front desk and request a spare key. In a towel. It was not a fun experience. So I'm not much of a happy camper right now.

I really want to draw a manga. I woke up this morning, and decided I wanted to make a manga. Which is odd, because usually I wake up wanting to make comic strips in an american style. But whatever. I've got an interesting concept in my head, and I think I'll start dragging my sketchbook around with me so I can flesh out the character designs a bit. Maybe then I can get working on some plot, and maybe muster up the motivation it takes to draw an actual comic book type deal. I'm not very good at planning out pages. Usually I draw everything free floating on a page of paper, and then paste it all together in Photoshop. Sometimes I even use actual scissors and glue. But I don't think I'll ever master the ability to neatly place objects within a panel.

I'm excited, though. I'll get to break out the colored pencils when figuring out the characters for this one. And I'll finally have an excuse to get my scanner working with my computer. Even though all of my attempts at that before have just completely failed, I'll bet once I've got a page done I'll have some serious motivation to get it working.

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