Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've been wanting to do NaNoWriMo for years now, but whenever November rolls around I completely forget about it. This year, though, I had a friendly reminder. And now I'm all gung-ho and ready to go. Especially since I've got all of that pent-up creativity trying to burst from the seams, like I mentioned in my last post. I think I'm going to finally write Lucid Dreaming. I will probably hate myself for squeazing it out so fast and not putting the time into it that it deserves, but I'll finally have it down and done. I can always edit it later.

I did some quick math, and found that I'll need to write about 1,666 words a day if I'm going to hit the 50k mark. To get a feel for it, I Lorem Ipsum'd it, and it turned out to be about three and a half pages of solid text. That's kind of a lot to write in one day. So I looked up that short story I wrote for my English class last year. It's 3,679 words long. I wrote about half of that slowly over time, and the rest quickly in one night. Writing this story is going to be quite the challenge for me, especially since I'll be doing some traveling during Thanksgiving. I'll need to have most (if not all) of the novel written before the 24th if I want to relax during my holiday.

But even if I don't hit 50,000 words, I'll still have a lot done if I work dilligently. That'll be rewarding enough

Alright, I'm off to go make an outline. Otherwise I will, for certain, get lost.

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