Sunday, October 4, 2009


I didn't put very much effort into this, but that is okay. By the way, room 424 is my room.

Anyways, I am back in Bozeman. I didn't really enjoy returning. But I do love that I have my ukulele. Playing it shall be my escape from all things I dislike about college, or something. Or, maybe I'll play relevant songs the next time my neighbor is being noisy. I'm looking forward to what I'll play next time she has noisy sex. She is being really noisy right now (fake crying) and there is a guy in her room, so I think my time will come soon.

It is snowing right now. It started snowing pretty much the moment I exited the airport. I'm really glad that mum bought me a bunch of winter clothes Saturday. Now I can look stylish while I keep warm. What I've been doing is wearing Christmas gifts I've crocheted for other people. They don't always match together well. I hope nobody minds that I've worn their gift. Hey, I still made it especially for them, so they should be appreciative.

Okay, I can't stop looking at that comic. I love the third panel. Her face is all like "Wtf is that baby doing on the sidewalk?"

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