Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Next Part

Man, Ubiq--Is it alright if I call you Ubiq? I'ma call you Ubiq.

Man, Ubiq. The weirdest thing happened to me today during math class. Some girl outta nowhere comes up to me and starts rattling off about how she's a film major and she has to do this film project. I'm all like, yeah so? Right? But she keeps talking and I keep nodding my head. Eventually she gets around to the fact that I have hair exactly like her sister's. Uhhh, what? Is what I'm thinking. But she wants me to like, be in a film she has to make for class. It's about her early childhood memories, or something. She wants me to sit in a seventies-looking outfit and brush my hair, facing away from her. It's awkward, but I totally agreed to do it. It took some serious guts to ask a perfect stranger to do a thing like that. And I figure, why not, hey? Help a girl out, why doncha.

Anyways, if I were in a sorority, that's probably what all of my entries would sound like.

I'm hungry, but I don't want to go down to the convenience store because the lady working there is starting to get to know me. It makes me feel a little pathetic, going down to buy food all the time. I'm thinking I should keep a calendar where I keep track of how often I do these mundane things. How often I go to the convenience store, how often I ride the bus, how often I sit at the duck pond. For some reason I am absolutely terrified at establishing myself as a regular at any of these places. It's an irrational fear, and there are places I can't avoid going to routinely. But I suppose if I ever end up with a bounty hunter after me it'll be harder to track me down this way.

Where The Wild Things Are comes out this weekend and I need to go see it. I missed 9, and I'll forever regret that. But I refuse to go see a movie by myself. So I either need to find somebody that has a car and some spending money, or somebody that'll be fun to hang at the mall with for an hour or so because we took the bus. I've got two people in mind right now... Annd, fuck. They're both sick. I need to go see this movie if it kills me.

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