Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Upon You

Man, I am so sick of rap and country. Those are the only two types of music I don't actually enjoy, and those are the only two types of music that play on the radio in the bathroom. Every so often I'll change it to something else--ANYthing else--and within the hour someone will have put it back to rap or country and turned the volume way up. It's ridiculous. It's upsetting. And I can understand why someone stole the power cord to the first radio within the first week. They gave it back... After someone stole a radio from a hotel to replace the first one.

I also can't stand rap songs that steal the beat from another well-established song. I was just listening to a rap to the beat from Inspector Gadget. It wasn't even about the Inspector; it was just another generic rap. This happens way too often to songs I love. I can't understand it. I mean, good artists copy and great artists steal, but these guys are just screwing with perfection. It's like displaying page from a coloring book in an art museum. It's not their art, even though they put something over it.

Also, it won't stop snowing. It hate it when it snows. When it's all done snowing and it's just snow on the ground it's fine, but snow falling through the air is really annoying. It whips in your face and sticks to your hair and flies up your nose. It makes to hard to even see when it's all blowing right at you.

Bah, I'm just angry at the world right now.

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