Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Again

I am at home! Oh my gosh, I am home! It is really nice to be at home, and not at a dorm. Here are some things I love about home:

- The fridge doesn't move when I open the door
- Cats
- No shower shoes
- Soft toilet paper
- Private room
- I know which room and which floor the spot cleaner is on
- There is no roommate around to accidentally steal my spot cleaner
- I have a car
- Lifelong friends live here
- I know where buildings are

I am about to go lie down in a bed that is not above or below anyone or anything. Tomorrow I am going to wake up and not shuffle around quietly trying not to wake my roommate. I will probably take a shower, and I will step out of the shower stall before donning a towel. I will then eat breakfast that I prepared only moments earlier. Being home is glorious.

I am also trying to put Bootcamp on my Mac. I am so sick of this Mac that it is getting ridiculous. Every day is a new disappointment with this computer. Today's disappointment was that I couldn't install Bootcamp with our Windows XP install disks, because they are something pack 1 and not something pack 2. There is no versatility. Yesterday's disappointment was that I could not run Lemmings on my computer. The day before that, the track pad decided not to work for a bit. The day before that was a reoccurance of an ongoing problem; I can not refresh by pressing F5. This last problem can be remedied, but it is more of an annoying workaround that needs to be constantly performed than it is a fix.

Fuck I hate Macs. But I really love being home.

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