Monday, September 28, 2009

Those Who Expect

So I think tomorrow I will take the bus to the mall again. The month is nearly over, and I need more yarn (It's like I have some sort of addiction) and I really want to buy a videogame. But at the same time, I am going home this weekend. I'll be more than able to last another week without some yarn, and I can buy that same videogame at home. But it'll be more convenient at home, because I can drive myself there and not have to wait an hour for the bus to come back. It would be really nice to have the game for the plane trips I will be taking... But then, this is also why I bought that Sony Reader (which I use daily)... I guess I'll decide after my math class tomorrow. I might end up wanting to curl up in my room for a bit, or I might make plans with someone. We'll see.

Ugh. Ubiquity. I don't feel like talking to you tonight. So I think I'll just stop hereOH MY GOD I just realized I left my Pokemon game at home. That's a shame; I really wanted to play that tonight before bed. I guess I'll just have to read, or something, instead.

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