Sunday, September 20, 2009

Master Chef

So last night I went to a dance the all-boys dorm was holding. A lot of people showed up, and they had it outside so it wouldn't get too hot. It was pretty fun overall, but I can't swing dance. Every time they played a country song I either got stuck awkwardly raving solo by the bushes, or stomping on some poor guy's toes after he refused to believe I had no idea what was going on. At least they played some techno, and even a little bit of disco. I can dance to that. And I was able to fake my way through the hip hop.

I got to see a guy in a cowboy hat teach a guy with a backwards cap how to hoedown. I'm pretty sure that's the reason why I came to Montana.

I'm meeting people and it is lovely. I got to meet a buncha people at Anime Friday. After the anime, eight of us went to go play sardines. It took us one hour to play only one round, apparently our hidng spot was really good. This one girl stood five feet away, looked right at us for a few minutes, and then left. She seriously could not see us. Maybe somebody casted an ivisibility spell?

I also met a few people at the dance. Or, more accurately, I hung with Kayla who hung with a group of people that were going to the dance, all of which I met. Afterwards we went to the park to go star tripping. I had never heard of it before, but it is pretty fun. What you do is go out at night, look up into a starry sky, pick one star to look at, and then spin around a bunch looking at that same star. Then, once you've gotten a bit dizzy, somebody flashes a flashlight in your eyes. You then have no choice but to fall down. It's so disorienting, and I haven't figured out why the flashlight makes you fall down. But it's also fun to watch people spin around like idiots, and then just crumple.

A lighting storm started when we were in the park. At first you could only kinda see the lighting, but not hear it. Then, maybe an hour later, the thunder came at almost exactly the same time as the lighting. We were running for our lives through the rain. Then, all today, it has been extremely windy and a little chilly. It's a nice change from the obscene heat we've been getting. Almost feels like it might be September, and not July.

All in all I had a pretty good weekend. I decided to spend all of this Sunday just chilling in my room, though. I always need a day to recover after I go out dancing. I didn't get any of my homework done, but I did catch up on my television shows. Priorities.

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