Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, the votes are in and I've realized that I am feeling incredibly homesick. The only other time that I've been homesick was at summer camp, and even then I was comforted by the knowledge that it'd all be over by the end of the week and I could go home. That isn't the case so much this time. It could just be that I'm feeling depressed over the fact that I'm having trouble making friends. But then, who's to say that I'm actually having trouble? I've been here a week, and there have only been three days of classes so far. Barely enough time to introduce myself to a few people.

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm eating all of my meals alone that's getting to me. I never minded eating alone at home, but then at home there was always the option to include someone if I wanted to. Maybe it's the stress of sharing a public bathroom. Taking a squat on the pot has become a group activity, and I don't like how open and public the showers are. Or maybe I'm just jealous that my roommate is always out and about with her friends, and there is nothing for me to do outside this room. Sure, it's nice to be mostly alone when I'm in my room, but when we're both in here it's deathly quiet. We get along just fine (No problems living together at all so far), we just don't seem to be able to hold a conversation.

I wish my classes would get under way so that I'd have something to do. I wish I could find a friend in at least one of my classes that I could hang with. My last class tomorrow gets out at two, and I probably won't have homework. I'll likely just go back to my dorm, maybe get something to eat, and then wait around until the next day. And then Friday I'll just go to class, eat alone, and wait in my dorm until Monday comes around. Maybe Saturday I'll go spend a day at the museum, or something.

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