Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reading Dough

I just ate an icecream and it put me in a great mood. Just letting you know.

... Somebody should make iceream bars that are just pure vanilla on a stick.

Okay! So there is a serious problem with having the school book store so close to where I live. It is not only a book store, but it sells textbooks (that I want but don't need), and it is a stationary store. Stationary is possibly my biggest weakness. I love pens and pencils. And erasers. And scissors. And paper. Oh my God I love paper. Lined paper, blank paper, thick paper, thin paper. Paper with spirals down the side or along the top, perforated or pre-cut. I love it when highlighters come with two colors, or this one nifty highlighter I have that is also a pen and a little tab-note dispenser thinger. Most of my impulse buys happen when I am in the stationary section of a store, and I usually make a point to avoid it.

But I needed to go to the store and buy a folder. I told myself, "Just one folder. Just the one that is required." When I got close I was all "Maybe two folders. Because that one class has a lot of loose papers." I got there and found a rack with a big sign that said "FOLDERS" and I picked out an ugly red one and an ugly blue one. I was telling myself that I did good, that I just needed to go check out now, but then I turned around.


I spent like 20 minutes not doing anything except looking through them all. They sold my favorite type of pen (which is actually kinda rare), as well as many of my favorite types of pencils. They also sold the best seleciton of pencil lead I have ever seen. I thought I was gonna piss myself when I got to the aisle full of erasers. I bought a black eraser just because I've always wanted one. And then I bought a matching white one because I needed the set. I nearly bought out all of the erasers just because I had never seen such a great selection before, but I held off. There was also a lot of paper. I was actually overwhelmed. It wasn't as pretty as the paper being sold at Kinokuniya's, but the selection was still very vast. I bought a spiral notebook with the spiral on the top because it reminded me of RaeLynn.

Look at me, talking about stationary. This is such a boring topic (that I find completely fascinating). I'll just end this by saying that the damage today was minimal, and I can mostly justify everything I bought. But I may be broke by the end of the schoolyear because I bought all of their colored staples, or because I needed one of every type of lead they sold, including pencils that can hold them.

EDIT: Oh God I just looked through all of my pens and pencils and decided that I need more pens. That I don't have a fine enough selection of pens. I need blue pens, and more red pens, and some different types of black pens, apparently. And while I'm at it I could probably use more pencils. And I need a really really good pencil sharpener, because I lost my lovely metal one last year. Oh God it's a slippery slope...

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