Monday, September 21, 2009

Independent Bottlers

I can't tell if writing Ubiquity like this every day to almost no readers is really pretentious, down to earth, or just plain stupid. I might as well be writing in a private paper journal, or be saving all the entries in my hard drive. There is pretty much no reason to put this online. And yet I do. And I know that anybody at all could come along and read it. And sometimes I write things that I don't really want other people to see, but with absolute knowledge that all the world has access to it. I have never gone back and deleted an entry that I was ashamed of, and I have never failed to post an entry I've written. Did you know that there are over 200 posts? And at the rate I update, I'll probably reach 300 before the end of the year. And I'll probably still be writing entries this time next year.

Just felt like sayin'.

I really can't wait until I go home in a couple weeks. If only because there are a few key things I really want to bring back with me. The two most important things are my ukulele and my PS2. Along with all of the PS2 games that are in the house. And some clothes. I pretty much plan to stuff my duffel bag to the brim with clothes and video games. It's gonna be fantastic.

Mum mentioned that she might get me a PS3 for my birthday. We talked about how the price went down (she brought it up, I was amazed), so it seems like a good time to buy one. She then talked about how useful it would be in college, since it can play DVDs as well. But it was only just now that I thought to look for an HDMI input thinger on the TV in here. It does not have one. I feel a little sad now.

I should probably call mum and tell her about this. For all I know, she's already ordered me one. She works fast like that.

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