Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm doing my laundry right now. I didn't think about it until I remembered that I'm wearing my last shirt today. I've decided to do just one load, so that I won't be up all night waiting for the dryer to finish drying my jeans, or something. So just one load of colored shirts. And I'm all paranoid that someone will go in there and take my clothes out, because my shirt with the giant metal buttons on it is making a loud clacking noise as it makes its tumbles. I can hear it from all the way down the hall.

... Oh God I'm so worried I'll get into trouble over this. I should have washed my clothes earlier in the day, when it is less likely people will be sleeping. At least most people have their doors shut right now.


I keep finding dead and roasted bugs on my desk. They will fly into my desk lamp and burn themselves alive, and not fall out until later in the day. It's really gross, and kinda disturbing. But at the same time, I can imagine that I have an effective bug killing device in my room. Which is good, I guess, but isn't all that necessary because of the screen in my window.

So I'm pretty sure my math class is being taught by James May. Which only makes more sense when I start thinking about it. It's also taught by some other old professor chick, and they are like a comedy duo. I'm actually excited for my next math class. It's also the first class where I've had a good chance to talk to other people. I suppose this is because the teachers sorted us into groups based on our musical ability (as well as our ability to breath and pump blood), and my group and I were given a good chance to chat. (We talked about infinity hotels. How great is that?)

It might also be because the kids in all of my other classes are pricks.

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