Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Follow Instructions

So I'm kinda sick of being stuck on campus. Even though I have a bike, I have no honest clue about bike laws for this area, so I'd prefer to leave it behind when I go places. But digging around in my backpack today, I noticed I had a bus schedule.


The buses here are really funky looking but you don't have to pay to ride them. They all stop at the bookstore on campus, and most of them head to the mall. There is a craft store at the mall. I will be riding the bus to the craft store all the time now. Right now, though, my problem is that I've never taken the bus by myself before. It seems pretty simple, though, and I'll probably get it figured out before long.

My last class tomorrow is at two, so I think I will try out the buses not long after that.

So my roommate is sick. She caught it from her friend. She thinks it might be strep throat. Today I come in, not long after washing my sheets, to find the both of them sleeping on my bed. Now I'm worried that I'll wake up and be all sick, too. The rest of the day really only went downhill from there. I think I'll go shower and wash off the disappointment that turned out to be today (and also wash off the emo-ness that went into making that sentence).

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