Monday, September 14, 2009

Road Conditions

Man, I am always smelling burning hair around me. Do I smell like burning hair, or is that just the way college smells? I don't think it's me, because right now I smell like oranges, but I still smell burning hair. Why, of all things, does it have to be burning hair?

The wall between mine and my neighbor's room is really thin. I can hear everything she says as if there was only a curtain between us. Apparently most rooms don't have a wall as thin as this. It's bothersome when she plays her music or watches TV. But when I can hear her talking it's like a soap opera. Earlier today she had a fight with her mom over the phone. Last week she had a fight with her boyfriend over the phone, cried for a few hours, then he came over and they fought and cried a lot. A few hours ago she threatened suicide, and right now she is having a jolly conversation on the phone. It's really very interesting, and I hope she can manage to keep this level of energy for the rest of the semester.

Um, what else was I going to say... There was a fire drill today in the dorms. I was eating dinner, so I didn't go outside and assemble. But it was funny; you could tell it was going to happen even though they are supposed to be a surprise. There were signs suddenly posted all over about what to do and where to evacuate to, and the dorm next to ours had a fire drill about an hour before we did. Which I guess was our biggest warning.

Alright then. I am going to finish off this bag of chips and read books. Goodnight, Ubiquity.

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