Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When While What

Dad is coming to visit tomorrow. He is bringing me and whoever I want to take with me to dinner, and then he will be taking me shopping for food. I am excited... I do miss my dad. Sadly, he is here for some more serious business. Grandma has breast cancer, and she is going through surgery for it on Friday. It was supposed to be sooner, but they pushed it back a few days. Dad is here because she is his mother, and his last living parent. Grandma is 86 and isn't very strong, so we can only hope for the best this Friday.

Unfortunately, this also means that I am at a higher risk for breast cancer, which really sucks.

I need some rubber bands. I can't find any at the book store, which is ridiculous. I've got all these things flying around willy nilly because there aren't any rubber bands on campus. I can't very well staple 46 index cards together, and it's not like tying them together with yarn is effective. I never thought I'd get so frustrated over something as simple as rubber bands. If I can't fix this problem soon, I may have to stage a protest. Bring us rubber bands at the student store, or I swear to God I am picketing out front of it.

Some kid cut his finger and called an ambulance for it. One ambulance, two police cars, and a fire truck ended up outside the dorms, making a hideous noise. The kid doesn't even live here. It was possibly the most annoying thing to have happened this month. I'll bet everybody hates that guy now. I certainly do.

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