Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Things I Said

Alright! I rode the bus! Woo, what an experience. It was actually unbearably hot today, though, so it wasn't that good of an experience. But I did get to go to the craft store, and I picked up enough yarn to keep me occupied until the end of the month. And then I had an orange julius, and it was nice to have something to drink that wasn't really crappy water.

Speaking of water, the water here is so terrible. It's really harsh on my skin--Not only am I breaking out all over the place, but this spot on my forehead looks like it's so irritated it might break out into a rash. I've been doing what I can to sooth it these past couple weeks, but lack of access to a drug store means all I can do is think good thoughts.

Speaking of drug stores, I really need to go to one. I have maybe one shower left of body wash, and then I'm all out. There are also a few other toiletry type things I need to get, and I need to find a pharmacy. I guess that will be my task for this Saturday.

Speaking of tasks, I need to call a taxi service and schedule a ride to the airport. From the 1st to the 4th I will be at home. But in order to get there, I need to take a plane. And to get to the plane, I need to take a taxi. (And to get to the taxi I'll need a front door, and to get to the front door I'll need to pull the blankets off my legs.) So I will call the only taxi service in the Bozeman that goes to the airport area and get a ride. I can't wait to go home. I've already told a bunch of my friends, and I'm planning to meet up with the few that still live there. It will be so nice to have the bathroom all to myself.

Speaking of... Wait, no, there's nothing. But anime club meets up tomorrow, and I'm a little excited. Japan club met yesterday, but that failed miserably, so I'm hoping anime club will pull through. And then our floor is having a meeting about where we are going to duct tape our RA. I had a dream last night about it, but it was a lot more nightmarey and a lot less dreamy. I hope we come up with something awesome.

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