Sunday, September 6, 2009

Precedented Disturbance

So I've been making friends and getting to know people. Life is a lot better knowing I can at least ask someone if they want to eat dinner with me. As opposed to just shamefully walking to the cafeteria all shy-like. Bingo night led to me getting into the anime/geek clique, which is exactly what I wanted. Movie night just meant that I had another reason to stay out until 2 AM. It's all good.

My roommate didn't come home Friday or Saturday night. It was kinda odd to wake up and realize I was still alone. She showed up in the afternoons, though, to change clothes and take showers and stuff. But she was pretty much gone all the time. Talking with a few other people, I've realized how strange my relationship with my roomie is. We aren't friends, and we barely even talk. We've never had a meal together, but it's not like she's here often enough to ask. But it's not like we don't get along; we have no qualms living in the same little space. My RA was in this situation once. She said it was really surreal. She was really happy when partway through the year her roomie left, and she got to live with someone she could actually get to know.

Roomie decided to go camping, and won't be back until tomorrow. So I guess I'm alone again tonight, as per the usual.

I've got nothing planned for tonight, so I think I'll just stay in and watch TV while I knit. I desperately need things to do while I knit. I keep sucking up all of my internet allowance streaming videos. And the project I'm working on is actually knitting, and not crocheting; I'm really slow when it comes to knitting. And then I think I'll clean tomorrow. It's ungodly just how much dust has accumulated this week. Even my computer mouse is dusty.

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