Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Apparently Wednesday is laundry day for everybody! But I did mine first thing in the morning (before I eve ate) so I got it all done before the rush. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the cause of the rush, since I was using all three working machines. But that is only a minor problem.

Today, in my Anthropology class, the girl sitting next to me had a seizure. According to Amber, it should have been more traumatizing to me, since she was seizing all over me, but I pretty much just didn't care and ate lunch afterward. What happened was she slumped onto my shoulder, and I thought she was sleeping. When she didn't respond to me, the girl sitting in front of us turned around and said that she was having a seizure (it turns out the girl in front was a nursing major). It was about then that I noticed that her eyes were open and darting around, and she was quivering a bit. She continues seizing for a minute or two. Teacher ran over to attend to things, and eventually announced that class might as well be over for today. I took off right away, because I was hungry for lunch. In hindsight, I probably should have stayed to find out if she was okay and whatnot.

I feel like I did something else of interest today, but now it's starting to seem like I didn't. I think I just holed up in my room and missed dinner... No wait!

Freshman Convocation was today. I didn't go, because the guest speaker was Lopez whatshisface who wrote the book The Soloist. I read that book over the summer (a few days before I moved) and I hated it. I hated the writer. If I had gone to convocation I'd have certainly stood up and started shouting things. There's nothing I hate more than a piss poor book, except maybe the person that wrote it in the first place. I especially hate it when these god awful books get turned into movies.

Oh my God I am about to go on a twelve hour rant about horrible books and how I hate them. I think I should just go lie down and read good books and not think about terrible things like this. I just get so steamed.

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