Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I finally got the chance to use Skype in my dorm. Mum called, and we did a video chat for a while. It really ate up my internet usage, but nothing I can't handle if I just avoid watching videos that day. We didn't just voice for very long, so I don't know how much internet that takes up. We pretty much went into video right away. It was nice seeing the cats, and watching them freak out when I called their names. Dad and Bill showed up, too, and we had a lovely family chat. Everyone was in a good mood.

I'm feeling not so lonely today, but it might be because I've been able to actually talk to people. Friends have been signing online, there have been good free discussion moments in class, and my roomie and I even had a good chat earlier. I still don;t have anything to do, though.

I had a bit of homework leftover from my math class today. We were looking at cryptography, and we broke up into our groups to break some codes. It was really neat, and I actually love code breaking. We never finished the last really tough one in class, so I worked on it here. I got all but two letters decoded, so...

So I just had an epiphany and solved the last 2% of the code. Man, I feel really awesome. I don't know if I should e-mail the rest of my group, or if I should just wait until I see them again Tuesday. I guess it doesn't really matter, since we have to turn them all in at the same time. I finally really looked at the syllabus for this class, and I'm pretty excited now. Not only do we watch a ton of moves (Flatland, Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land, Code Breakers, and more), but we're looking at a lot of mathy type topics that I'm really interested in. Maybe I'm a mathematician at heart. A mathematician that hates equations.

I just remembered that Monday is labor day, and I'll have no classes. It'll be a three-day weekend, and I'll have nothing to do. FML, I usually love three-day weekends.

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