Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been watching the weather like nobody's business (mostly because there is nothing else to do) and all week it has been saying that there is going to be a storm. It's all like "Storm today! Storm storm storm! Lighting and rain and other freaky shit like that!"

But then the actual weather is cloudless, sunny, and really hot. Who the hell is predicting the weather around here? They suck at it. I mean, you can see the weather coming at you until the end of Montana. How can you possibly get this wrong?

Have I told you, Ubiquity, that I have been keeping sea monkeys? Because I have. I am so paranoid that they'll catch two deadly diseases, one of which can only be cured by expensive surgery. Like my goldfish. I was worried at first, because it took them a few days to hatch. Then, about four days ago, I noticed one little bugger swimming around in there. An hour later, there were four of them. Now there are so many sperm-shaped things swimming around in there it's like a small city. It's exciting.

I gave them the collective name Charley, and I expect them to hivemind.

Today was my first day of classes. Things went well enough, and I even went and did all of my Japanese homework for the entire week. I bought my textbooks, but I'm pretty sure all of the ones I bought for my Anthropology class are the wrong ones. Such a waste of money, since I bought four different books. They were all under the ANTH 101 section of the bookstore, but the syllabus shows a ton of different books, and the course materials on the website differs from that as well. What fucking books do I use?

I thought my Biotech class would be smallish, but it's actually pretty sizeable. It took place in an auditorium. And the professor is Swedish/German/French, or something. But he seems to really like his job, so he talks loud. Tomorrow I have the first of that math class that I'm pretty sure is going to be amazing. I couldn't find what book I needed for it. I think that class will gain a thousand cool points if it turns out not to need a textbook.

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