Monday, August 3, 2009

Building Distinguished

Oh man I'm so excited I might pee a little bit. That book gizmo thing will be here any day now.

... I hope. I haven't received anything resembling order confirmation. But the money has been withdrawn from my account (I suddenly feel really poor).

Wait! Never mind! I did get a receipt in my e-mail. I was just so excited that I filed it away into my receipts folder right away. Yay! That means there s a possibility it will be here tomorrow!

So my dad has been spending his time fixing up my bike so that I can take it to college, because I will not be taking my car. Which is strange, because we bought that car specifically so I could take it with me to--Never mind, it doesn't matter anymore. He's been having quite the jolly time tinkering with it. My dad loves to tinker, and I guess bikes are a fun thing to tinker with. He adjusted my brakes (To perfection, I might add), greased up the chain, and even adjusted the gearshift. He then bought me a bike lock, a new helmet, and a little basket thing to put my bag on. Oh, and a light.

It's really very sweet of him. It's like his way of bidding me farewell as I go off to college. And I'd be all excited about it, if it weren't for one little snag: It seems I've forgotten how to ride a bike. I hopped on today, all proud and joyous, and wobbled into the stonewall. And then wobbled into a tree. I wobbled around a lot, and used the brakes a lot. I didn't really go anywhere, because I kept tipping over before I could gain speed. I would have soldiered on until I re-learned how to ride a bike, but then the mentally handicapped kid that lives on my street zipped past on his razor scooter, and I'm pretty sure he laughed at me.

I really don't know what emotions I should be feeling anymore. But pride and joy certainly aren't on the list.

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