Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So they sent me an e-mail today telling me that they shipped my Reader. I'm a little bit disappointed, as I was hoping that they shipped it earlier. Now I have to wait a little longer. It's still not bad, though, it should be here before the end of the week.

They also sent me a link with tracking information for my package. That was probably a bad idea.

MASPETH , NY , US 08/04/2009

08/04/2009 8:13 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN

I have been following this all day! It took so long before any information appeared on the page. 6:07Pm? Really! I expect them to run a tighter ship, and have my package set for a departure scan at 6:00Am! But at the same time, it is thrilling to know that it left New York hardly ten minutes ago. It might be moving right now! Tomorrow, I could wake up and it could be in a different timezone! This is so exciting! I have never cared so much about a mere object before.

Earlier when I said I had been watching the tracking information all day, I was lying. I actually ran all over town today, meeting up with different friends and swapping different objects. Amber gave me a safe, to keep precious things in. It's really quite heavy, and for some reason it has a handle on it. So someone could take my valuables if they wanted, but they wouldn't be able to get at them...? I met with Louis, and in exchange for some information he's been pining after for four years, he gave me a wallet of his senior portrait. His picture is pretty badass--He took it with his motorcycle, and at the bottom is says LOUIS 09. Neat.

Unfortunately, my wallet is so full of pictures that I've had to double up on some people. I was fussing over what to do, when I found that Amber left a picture frame inside the safe. Score! I was able to remove the picture frame, and that made enough room for me to casually toss in all of my wallet-sized photos. Now they're safe, so long as nobody tries to steal my safe.

Oh man! Where do you think my package will be when I wake up? This is so exciting! I'm gonna sleep in really late so that it can travel really far! Hee~ I'm gonna go read Harry Potter and then dream about reading it electronically.

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