Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ring Again

Yesterday I moved into my dorm and spent a lot of time running in between these meetings I had to attend and my dorm room to set it up. It was tiring. Then today mum and dad went to Yellow Stone, and I was left alone to run in between my dorm and all around campus to find these meetings I needed to go to. I actually managed to miss the most important meeting today, because I couldn't figure out where it was. I made up for it later, but it was distressing. Thank God I already had my schedule planned out. Tomorrow I register for classes, and then mum and dad will swing by one last time to see if there is anything else that I need. And then I will have nothing to do at all until classes start.

I'm really tired. I don't know if I can relay to you just how much walking around in the hot sun I've had to do today. And all of it by myself--I don't know anybody at all here.

This weekend is going to be pretty boring unless I can find someone to hang around with. I'd hang with my roomie, but she already has her own posse. She's out all the time doing whatever with people, and I don't want to spare tire my way into that. I've tried randomly chatting with a few people, but the conversations all go the same way:

[Introductions go here]
Me: So what're you majoring in?
Them: University Studies. But I'm thinking about nursing.
Me: Neat.
Them: What're you majoring in?
Me: Also University Studies. But I'm thinking about Anthropology or Biotechnology.
Them: *stunned look* Woah.
[Awkward silence as we realize we have nothing in common]

A lot of the girls in the Freshman class look pretty stupid... That is to say, they look like they spent a lot of time being confused in highschool. Same with the boys. I hope a few smart ones will crop up in my classes, otherwise I'm going to be making friends with only upperclassmen. Or I'll be having some really shallow conversations these next few years.

Also, I thought I saw TKTWTSTE bumming around campus, but it was just some creepy old dude. I nearly had a heart attack.

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