Friday, August 28, 2009


I spent most of today resting. Mostly playing Professor Layton (Over 12 hours logged into that game), but I also started to crochet something and watched a bit of TV online.

I registered for my classes today. My feelings on that are along the lines of Humbug. I had the perfect schedule planned--There was at least one hour between all of the classes, so I wouldn't have to worry about being late. And they were spread out through the day, so I would have plenty to do. But the Japanese class I wanted was full, and that just screwed everything up, as I had to pick another class at a different time, which got in the way of so many things... As it is right now, I have a three hour chunk of classes every Monday and Friday. As well as two classes all the other days.

Classes I've registered for:
Anthropology 101
Biotech (Microbiology 110)
Japanese 101
Math 149

That US class was completely full everywhere, so I deicded on a math class instead. This one is called Secrets of the Infinite, and I'm pretty sure the course description was "Fucking amazing" with a prerequesite of "Be awesome." Anyways, tomorrow (or maybe right now) I'm going to see if there are any openings in that Japanese class I wanted, and put my schedule back to how it should be. If I can.

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