Monday, August 24, 2009

Clacketty Clock Clock

Alright. Okay. I'm in Montana. But I'm not in my dorm--yet. There is still some time left before that.

I drove about a quarter of the way to Montana. And it was scary, because dad purposefully had me drive a ridiculous pass full of twists, turns, steep cliffs, broken-down cars, and construction. We stopped to have lunch at this little restaurant that mum and dad like. But for some reason, it took them about an hour to get our food to us. It was a buncha little things, and I think the ultimate ending is that we might never go there again. When you're racing against time to get somewhere before, say, midnight, an hour-and-a-half for a meal is a huge setback.

Today we visited Grandma. We went out to the park and fed ducks, drove around the town for a bit, and bought her new clothes at the mall. We're celebrating her 88th birthday. She is so old! And she still has quite a bit of life left in her. She's supremely proud of me for going to MSU--She couldn't stop smiling when we told her our trip out was to drop me off at college.

We also went to a toy store. I freakin' love that toy store. I want to go back and buy everything and play with it all forever. It's not a stupid toystore like Toys R Us, it is a real toystore that puts out the toys so you can play with them. And they are novel toys, that are interesting and nifty and keen in all the ways a plastic stroller with Hannah Montana on it is not. I bought some sea monkies, because I am desperate to have a pet in my dorm. Hopefully I can take care of these guys, because fish and plants don't always work so well with me. Dad and I were looking for the librarian action figure (with amazing sushing action!) but they were sold out. Seriously, sold out. Because this is a thing people buy. We nearly bought the revenging unicorn instead, but it was impaling people instead of fluffy animals.

Professor Layton 2 was supposed to come out today. Game Stop, WalMart, and Target did not have it in. And it confused everybody that knew what they were doing because the release date was today. But the guy at Game Stop told me to check back tomorrow after 1pm, because they will almost certainly have it then. I trust him more than the guy at WalMart, so I will be returning there tomorrow. I am determined to buy this game at the soonest possible moment in an effort to show Japan that yes, people want to play this game series.

Also: My Reader was a godsend during the long car ride.

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