Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Really Know

My mum already had a webcam, but neither of us liked it, so I pushed my old one off on her. I set everything up for her and got her a Skype account, so now we can voice and webcam whenever she wants. She can also see how obscenely late I stay up at night. Whatever. Anything to make my moving out easier on her.

I woke up early this morning to my parents fighting. It was disturbing, since mum was really yelling, and she never yells like that. As they moved around the room I could pick up snippets of what they were saying. Apparantly dad will have two business trips, one this week and one the week after next. This upset mum greatly, because she really needs the support while her last child moves out. Also, it seems Billy will be visiting during dad's second trip, and mum doesn't want him to miss that.

Personally, I'm a bit sad that dad's gone so close to such a big event in my life. He's missed so many piano recitals and orchestra concerts because of his business trips. At least he'll be here for this, but I won't get to have him impart his packing wisdom on me.

I've finally started attempting to get manga on my Sony Reader. Because I'm on a Mac, any manga conversion software is useless. But I can use Automator to make a series of image files into a PDF, which I can then read on my Reader. It's a process, and the PDF files are huge compared to normal ebooks. Not to mention that PDFs are slow to load on the Reader, and I have to use it in landscape mode to read the text. It's all read-able, though, and I prefer it to staring at a computer screen.

But I expect that in a year or so, these problems will be dealt with by clever programmers.

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