Monday, August 10, 2009


Ah-hah! It looks like I won't be out of town tomorrow. We have rescheduled our fun water park vacation to Friday, because it is going to rain tomorrow. Sweet.

Today is a wonderful day! Amazing! Absolutely fantastic! Simply gorgeous! And I will tell you why.

When I was in elementary school, I was close friends with this girl named Jessica. But she kept moving, and I eventually lost contact with her. After years (and years) without contact, I decided to look her up. No luck with Facebook, but I found her right away on MySpace.


I sent her a message, and she responded. Amber sent her a message too, since we were a trio. She's still the same Jessica I knew, I am really hoping we can meet up before I move off to college. She lives kinda far away, but not so far that we can't spend a day in Seattle or something. I'm so excited that I started crocheting her a gift. I hope I can give it to her in person.

Hooray! I can't believe it--After all these years, and I finally get to talk to her again. Nothing like finding an old friend to lift your spirits. Not to mention my Sony Reader should be coming in the mail tomorrow. I know I should really stop talking about that thing... But oh my God! A Sony Reader! And then Jessica! This is just so fabulous! And I mean that in the least queer way possible.

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