Sunday, August 16, 2009

Point Taken

Yesterday I went to Seattle with the family, had dinner at a really nice restaurant, and saw Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea. Cute movie, strange in some places, though. It had the hints of the Miyazaki whimsy, but mostly it felt like Miyazaki's last gasp before he gets Alzheimer's.

Then just a few minutes ago, we went and saw District 9. Great movie. I don't know what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it very much. It was amazing how much action there was, and yet they were able to put in a pretty good storyline. I liked how they built up the main character so that you hated him, and then by the end of the movie you sympathized with him. They left a lot of really huge plot holes, though. Like, really big holes. That I'm pretty sure I will bring up one day to someone like Craig, who will then explain it to me like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

I spent a few hours today planning for what classes I would like to sign up for first semester. (I suppose I should say Fall 09 Semester.) When I talk to people, they seem surprised that I'm signing up so late. And after seeing how many classes are filled, I can understand.

It took me about an hour and a half just to grok what needed to be done to fulfill graduation requirements. It then took me thirty seconds to realize that if I take two requirement classes a semester, I will have met all of my requirements by the end of first semester Junior year, leaving me with three semester's worth of time to focus on whatever major I choose. That's all I needed to know, and I had my classes picked out before long. And it pisses me off that most of my time was spent figuring out something that should be blatantly obvious. How to graduate shouldn't be a secret.

Anyways, I am definitely taking four classes my first semester, and I'm considering a fifth, but I can't find any classes interesting enough to me to take on the extra work. I wanted to take a chem class, but they are all full, and I was going to take a bio class, but they requisite a chem class. Every art class ever (except Web Design, hah!) is overstuffed, and pretty much every music class requires you to be a music major. The only viable subject for me to take is math.

Fuck mathematics.

These are the classes I want:
US 101 - University Seminar (required my first year, it's a reading class I think)
JPNS 101 - Elementary Japanese I (I don't feel like talking my way into level 2 or 3)
MB 110CS - Intro to Biotechnology
Anth 101D - Anthropology & The Human Experience

I didn't really want that Anthropology class, but they lied when they said History of Japan was offered this semester, and the Mythologies class is full. In fact, I don't need that Anthropology class, because I'll be taking Japanese II next semester. They both count for a D-credit, but oddly enough Japanese I does not. Maybe I'll look into fulfilling a humanities credit instead...

I need to start packing tomorrow. I really don't want to. I've been putting it off, and now it's getting to be too late. At least I spent today picking my classes, which is important. But the idea of packing away my important things is a bit unbearable. I just don't like the idea of returning and a bunch of my stuff is gone, because mum cleaned my room. I'd rather leave knowing that it's all safe here.

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