Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sang Real

Do you think it would be at all possible to find someone willing to publish Ubiquity? Like, as a book? I was just thinking about how much time I've put into this, and how much money I could have made if I was being paid minimum wage to write Ubiquity.

Hah, it's a hopeless dream. It's not like I'm Anne Frank, or something.

I'm updating early today because I will be gone all evening. Apparently, the water park last week wasn't my last chance to hang out with friends before I leave. So tonight we're going to the drive in to see District 9 and The Ugly Truth. I'm used to going to the drive in as a last-second idea, but Louis wanted to plan ahead and fuss a lot. So fuss we did. Louis is in charge of sound, popcorn, and drinks, I'm in charge of the cooler, seating, and transportation, and Sarah is in charge of being awesome. I forget why we didn't decide to give her any tasks to do.

It's always odd trying to do a group outing with my friends. They'll suggest a group thing, and I agree, and then they realize that we have no mutual friends. I've never been one to befriend someone simply because they're friends with my friend. (Friend friend friend.) But this time, there's a really obvious mutual friend between the three of us, but nobody even mentioned his name. We just don't want to hang out with him.

I bought Amber her birthday present today (Micheal's was selling Halloween stuff; it was the perfect opportunity) and I was hoping to stop by and give it to her, but her mother was busy being in the hospital. She said she'd text me when the family crisis was finished up. It made me sad, though, to think that the last time I'm going to see her for a while will be when I'm just stopping by to give her stuff. The last time I saw RaeLynn she was sitting at a Japanese restaurant. I'll be lucky to see her over winter break.

... I miss these people already.

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