Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cardo Bardo

Sunday is the big day. All of my favorite things will be in boxes in the van, and we will begin the 14 hour drive to Montana. Monday and Tuesday we will be visiting grandma in Great Falls, and Wednesday we will be in Bozeman. After helping me move in, mum and dad will leave and go to Yellowstone Park. They'll check in on me Friday, and then they are gone for good.

So I was looking in at what the internet connection in the dorms will be like, and found this FAQ page:

Buncha nazis. What really got me was the last question about Skype. I'm really just hoping that they don't want me using Skype to call people on the phone. I guess if I'm wrong about that, I will find out because I plan to use Skype anyways. And if they come knockin' on my door then I will feign ignorance and start crying about how I just wanted to talk to my mum/boyfriend/best friend. And then continue to use Skype after they've left.

I guess if they cast some magic spell that physically keeps me from using Skype, then I will start looking into renting an apartment.

I started reading The Da Vinci Code. I really wish I hadn't. What is with poorly written books becoming best sellers? But I can forgive the stupid writing mistakes, because I guess you have to be really picky to catch them. (Things like a silhouette leering, or describing a man's eyes when he is a couple hundred yards away.) But the way it insulted my intelligence just caused me to stop. Every other paragraph is some sort of explanation. Explaining the plot, explaining an art peice, explaining why French people ask questions sometimes. At one point they describe a king's affinity for Egyptian art. And then they go on to talk about how he is responsible for bringing so much Egyptian art into France, and what his people thought about him and his interests. It wasn't at all relevant to the story. It was just the author showing off that he did a bit of research.

Not to mention that the main character is really pretentious.

So I started reading Anthem by Ayne Rand. I was only 6 pages into it when I realized I loved it. This book is good. And I can't wait to continue reading it.

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