Saturday, August 8, 2009

Standing Tall

So I went and saw the GI Joe movie. It was a spontaneous idea, and we just barely got tickets. Must have been the last tickets, too, because we also got the very last seats in the theater. It was a good movie, I enjoyed it despite it being an action movie. Usually I zone out during action sequences (hard to follow movement, things happening that I can't identify, don't actually care about explosions), but the action sequences during this movie actually held my attention. For the most part--I did start zoning out a lot near the end there. There was also a good plot. It wasn't just thrown in there as a way to connect action scenes, it was actually an interesting part of the movie. Even if they did glaze over a bunch of important things and left a lot of plot holes. Not to mention the explanations for a lot of things were really stupid. Seriously dumb, in the most literal sense of the word.

Still, a good and entertaining movie. Though, I didn't like the ending.

On another note, I still do not have my Sony Reader. The tracking information page is showing no new information. Instead of thinking, "Oh, it didn't arrive today, then it must arrive tomorrow!" I am completely doubting its delivery. It probably won't show up Saturday, and then I'm pretty sure they take Sundays off. Even Monday doesn't seem likely as a delivery date. Why is the shipping so abysmally slow? Or am I just wrong to compare UPS to the USPS?

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