Sunday, November 15, 2009

Intramural Ball Fields

Oh, 'sup Ubiquity?
Me? Oh, you know, insanely busy. Which is why I haven't been updating.

Actually, I haven't been updating because I keep getting back to my dorm after my roommate has gone to sleep. And instead of flicking on all the lights and clacking away at the computer for hours on end, I've just been getting dressed in the dark and going to sleep as well. I suppose it's a bit healthier to get more than two hours of sleep each night, but I really miss updating. So maybe I'll change my update schedule to first thing in the morning, after eating something. And then we can have all of these posts with ridiculous spelling and grammar mistakes that wouldn't make any sense even after a spell check. And they'd all end with "Oh! Gotta run, I have class."

I am about to have a food baby. I don't know why, but I decided to drink half a gallon of chocolate milk in about an hour, as well as eat a cup o' noodles. I'm at this odd stage of full, where I know for a fact that there is no more room in my stomach because I filled it with liquids, but I'm not completely uncomfortable. I just really don't want to do anything that might squish my stomach a little bit, is all. Just in case.

So there was a black light dance in the basement last night. I went with a big group of my friend's old friends from her small hometown, so I was pretty much the outcast from the big city. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up for the dance, because I have been craving a rave ever since I went swing dancing for the umpteenth time. I figured, you know, there'll be techno music, and people dancing a bit awkwardly, some glow sticks, and black lights. The bare minimum. But, there were no glow sticks, and there was no techno. It was all that odd hip hop type of music. You know, that stuff that you crunk to with idiot beats? So I danced awkwardly. They started a techno song, but stopped it halfway through because I guess it was too appropriate.

Anyways, I am sore from dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Hey, if I can solo dance to swing music, I can dance to anything.

So I have to start getting to bed at a decent hour more often. I keep staying up until like two or three in the morning with one person, and then heading back home to sleep, only to run into some other person in the hall or bathroom and staying up until six or seven with them. Some nights I don't sleep at all, because I'll be heading back home after going out for the third time in one night, and then I'll get invited to breakfast and a consequencial all-day hangfest. It's odd, though, because I'm not in a clique or a specific group of friends. It's like I'm back in the early days of junior high, where I have all of these great friends, but they've yet to meet and form a group. Except instead of a bunch of singular friends, I have a bunch of friend groups. Which is a bit awkward, because I often end up waiting around for somebody to invite me to something, as opposed to just knowing that I can go hang out with someone as per the usual.

I don't do anything during the day, though. Like, at all. I'm pretty sure 95% of my friends have never seen me in the daylight.

Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom now. I'll be back in time for class tomorrow.

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