Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All For None

Next week is finals week, this week is final projects week. I am so busy! I just got to a good stopping point in my final project for Japanese, so I thought I'd make an entry. It's been kind of a long time, and updates have been sparse. I guess I've been easily distracted lately.

So I'm moving! It's just more added onto my plate. I'm moving into my own room on the other side of campus. Back into the same building I was in last year. It isn't such a lovely building, but the people are much nicer and it is much closer to my friends. Also, the whole having my own room thing will be really nice. I also applied for a job in that building. My interview is this Thursday, I hope it goes well! It'll be nice to have a regularly paying job with a paycheck and all of that fun stuff. And then I can use it to pay off this new, and more expensive room.

There is so much to do this week! I didn't realize that the presentation I have in Japanese has to actually be in Japanese. I've been working on it slowly because I don't really sweat presentations, but now it's going to be a hurried mess. That'll teach me to read instructions poorly. The same day my presentation is due, I have an exam in Sociology. I always end up cramming for that class, so tomorrow is going to be so busy. I then have that interview the same day. Then a final project due in Stats that I haven't really started yet. But I'm not worried about the stats project at all; Once I figure out what he means with his weird terminology, I can do all of the math very easily. I can definitely get that done Thursday night.

I slipped and fell on the ice Sunday night. I'm pretty upset about it, I was hoping I could go the entire semester without falling. So close! I hurt myself kinda bad. I landed on my tailbone, and apparently my right hip. I could hardly sit down for most of Monday, and doing things like stepping up was out of the question. I had to skip most of my classes because I just couldn't get out of the building. At least I got some good work done. I'm feeling much better today. It hurts when I have to stand on my right leg to climb stairs or step over a pile of snow, but I can actually get around. My right leg is also kind of lame, and I can't raise it very high. But I'm sure I'll be back to normal in a day or two, no worries.

Okay, back to Japanese.

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