Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We messed around with Avian Bird Flu today in Biotech. The real disease, not some substitute. The point was to run these tests and see which specimens were infected by the flu. I ran them perfectly, I am so proud of myself. I can't believe how many other people screwed it up. It was actually really simple.

But I've been paranoid all day about having bird flu on my hands.

The school installed these automatic hand sanitizing things around the school. You wave your hand underneath and it dribbles a sanitizing foam on you. They actually kinda scare me, but I've been confronting my fears. I keep going up to them, and waving my hands underneath. But at the last possible second, I pull my hand away and then run like a sissy. I squeal and everything. I don't even know, I'm just such a wuss about random things.

But I really want to get over this. I want to get the foam on my hands, and then make a little tube with my fist. I'll "sneeze" into my fist, and spray foam all over someone. It'll be amazing. They'll be so horrified.

Yearbooks come out tomorrow for those that are willing to stay after school and get them. I will be one of those people.

Randomly: It was 89˚ out today. The weatherman said it would only be 80˚. The lying bastard.

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