Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life Tote

Nothing like chatting up a few strangers to lighten up your mood.

We got our yearbooks today. They were after handed out school, so nobody was there to sign mine yet. I'm excited to start the signing process! I'm especially grateful that Nicole changed my picture in the yearbook. They were going to use the one on my student ID, but that picture is horrible beyond belief. So Nicole, being the wonderful photographer that she is, took my picture and put that in the yearbook instead. It's so pretty. It's got a foresty background. I finally have a nice picture in the yearbook.

I also went to the dentist. They cleaned my teeth, and told me to floss more. It was a really average experience. Except that I go to a children's dentist, and everyone there was of a single-digit age. But they know my teeth really well, so whatever. And they also gave me a toy at the end.

I love my dentist because they give you a goody bag of tooth things at the end. I got two new toothbrushes, two types of floss, a replacement head for one of the toothbrushes, and some floss threaders. They included a new item this time, too: a mini toothpaste. And if I had asked, they'd have given me gum and mints as well. A smorgasbord of dental hygiene.

I am currently flossing out of PURE JOY.

Oh no! My cat figured out how to get behind my curtains and onto my windowsill. This is going to cause me problems in the future.

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