Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today was really boring. And tomorrow is looking to be more tedious.

We practiced commencement today, for three hours. Tomorrow, we practice it some more, for four hours. And then we actually do it, for realsies. I hated sitting through family members' graduations just once a year, sitting through it multiple times in one day is going to be awful.

And it's not supposed to end until 9 o'clock.

Grandma Polly and grandpa Tom are visiting for my graduation. We had dinner with them today. We took a bit of a walk around the town, and it was nice. We ate dinner with them at the Yacht Club, the same place we took Griffin and his stepdad when he first came over. Then they wanted to show up their hotel room. They're staying at the Oxford Suites, the same place Griffin stayed. So I was pretty distant for most of the evening.

I should go to bed now, I still have to wake up early tomorrow. But at least I can sleep in on Friday.

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