Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I went out and bought a bunch of summer shirts with my mum. Now, I just need summer pants. It's been a long time since I've just gone and bought a bunch of clothes... a few years, actually. Everything I wear now isn't really my style anymore.

Also, my clothes are full of holes.

Today was, more or less, my last day of school. I can still show up tomorrow if I really want to. And, as it turns out, I really have to. We have a check-out sheet that we need to have all of our teachers sign, and I missed one teacher. I didn't have the sheet when I was in his class, and when I'd check in later to get it signed the room would be completely empty. So, as fate would have it, I'll be going to school at the normal time tomorrow, checking out at the cashier's, and then lazing about for a little bit.

Then, at ten, we will have commencement practice. They are supposed to set us free at one. Thursday we have the family come over to see me for an hour or two while I practice commencement (once again) and then finally I graduate and can sell my graduation gown. Hooray.

Today we had the moving up assembly. It was kinda botched by stampeding Juniors, but I'll get over it. At least I got to have my face show up on the big screen (it was so neat). During the assembly, all of the teachers lined up and shook hands with all of the students. I nearly cried, it was so emotional. To think, I'll maybe see these guys again during graduation, and then poof! They're gone from my life. The same goes for my Junior and Sophomore friends. And most of my Senior friends.

Oh God college is going to start and I'm going to be all alone. The only constant I'm sure I'm going to have is Griffin, and he's thousands of miles away.

If Louis shows up on his motorcycle tomorrow, I am going to draw poop on its little windshield. Nobody tagged his bike today (gee, I wonder why) despite many of the cars getting tagged. And the tagging was pitiful--Somebody needs to do a better job of it next year. My car got tagged. It always gets tagged. I locked our window markers inside my car so that I wouldn't wake up tomorrow and have my car tagged again by my own parents.

I just realized! I will never be seeing TKTWTSTE again. Unless I run into him around town, he is pretty much out of my life for good. Now who am I going to unconditionally hate?

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