Monday, June 15, 2009

Wooly Bully

Oh no it is Monday again! That means that I am supposed to make an entry. But It's getting late, and I'm supposed to wake up before 8 tomorrow. Then again, I want to chatter about things.

It's a tough choice: To chatter, or to sleep?

To chatter!

I ordered a wig in the mail, and it has not come yet. There are currently two very similar wigs being sent to my house, and neither of them will be here before tomorrow. It is taking one of these wigs two months to get here. The other wig? I'm so disappointed in the business habits of that wig that I refuse to discuss it. So tomorrow, I will be running around town in a tizzy in an attempt to find a motherfucking wig.

Seriously, I thought I had this taken care of months ago. But the wig stores aren't even good at their jobs.

For some reason, my body paint has been causing me much heartache. First, my problem was getting it to dry. This was easily solved with some baby powder. Then, it was getting it to come off. This was not easily solved at all. I tried so many different things; soap, hand soap, dish soap, shampoo, face wash, cold cream, makeup-removing cold cream. Nothing worked until I found some Stridex pads in the back of a cupboard. Those things worked like a charm. Only one problem, though--It takes one pad to remove 4 square inches of paint. I plan to cover a large portion of my body with this paint, and I do not have enough stridex pads.

So I went to the store to try to find a cleanser that had Stridex's active ingredient. I found Noxzema pads that are obviously just Stridex pads with the Noxzema scent, and those worked as well as the Stridex. But they were also small, and I only had so many. Then I found these Right Aid Makeup Remover Towelettes. They are so large and wonderful! They remove the paint so well! I just rubbed one side of one over my arm, and all of the paint came off! So these will be used for certain. And if I run out, I will also have the other pads things with me.

Too bad they leave this obnoxious perfumey scent on my skin. Such a spicey scent! I hope soap will take it off. This smell reminds me of Christmas.

Then there is a problem with not being able to find white leggings. I can only find ones in the color pearl. But at least I have a backup plan: I'll just paint my legs as well. I'm not going to spend my time worrying about this. I was just hoping to not worry about getting paint on chairs when I sit down.

That is enough chattering for today. Tomorrow, I pack. Wednesday, I fly to Maine. After that?

I like to pretend my Maine trip doesn't have to end.

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